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Challenging Hearts and Minds for Jesus Christ Through a Mature Reading of The Old and New Testaments in the Context of Historical, Conservative Christianity.

Against the present iq options tide of postmodernism and the uncertain times we live in, the Bible alone remains the true and inspired record of God's dealings with mankind throughout the ages.  The Bible is also the fullest revelation of God's plan of redemption through the person and work of  Jesus Christ.  Even in these "last days" the Bible continues to speak with infallible knowledge of God's actions in iqoptions the past, His dealings in the present, and His plan for the future of all mankind and the world He created!

In addition, the Bible continues to answer life's most basic and profound questions alike.  Some answers lie right on the surface just waiting to be grasped by the man or woman of faith.  Other truths only rise to the surface after careful reading, attentive study, and honest reflection.  A diligent student of the "Word" must dig deep, study, pray, and reflect in order to grow in his or her objective knowledge of God.  With this in mind, I hope you'll find the tools and articles on this site to be a helpful resource in your study of iqoptions God's Word! 

This site has been visited well over 3 Million times since 2001 from more than 100 countries around the world!

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