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Many answers to the basic questions any Bible student might have as he or she embarks on a study of God's Word may be found below.  While the answers may appear simple and uncomplicated, the information located here can be helpful to the novice or advanced student alike.  While preparing these answers I've resisted using technical and theological terms whenever possible.  In addition, I've generally not recommended any study resources other than the basic books and tools available in most Christian bookstores or freely on the Internet.  Please email me using any one of the links provided below for more in-depth theological information or book/commentary suggestions.

As more questions are submitted they, along with their answers, will eventually be added to the appropriate category below.  Use any one of the email  links below if you cannot find your question listed or you still find you need help after consulting this page.

Enjoy your study of God's Word!

This Page Still Under Construction,
but Feel Free To Dig-In Anyway!

On the Bible...

What are the different methodologies used to translate the original texts into English?
What are the main differences between the many different English Bible versions?
Why do most Protestant Bibles have only 66 books while Catholic Bibles have more?
Is the Apocrypha worth studying?
Why does my friend say the King James Bible is the only inspired version?"
Which Bible version is the best to read and study?

On Bible Study...

What is the best way to interpret the bible?
What method is best for studying the bible?
What is meant by context and why is it so important?

On Study Tools and Methods...

What is a concordance?
What is Strong's concordance all about?
How do I best use a Strong's concordance?
What is a word study?
How do I create a reliable word study?
What is a topical study?
How do I create a reliable topical study?
What is a theme study?
How do I create a reliable theme study?
What is a bible commentary?
When should I use a commentary?
Which commentary should I use?



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