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After teaching on the importance of developing a Christian world view, the speaker challenged everyone in attendance to summarize his/her beliefs about the world God had placed them in and their specific purpose(s) for marketing plan writing service.  The challenge was to condense each point down to one very specific sentence.  This statement is the result of my internal searching in union with the Word of God.  The exercise was well worth the effort and has proven to be an encouragement to me in those times when life or ministry seem difficult and disappointment or hopelessness tries to creep in.

The Purpose Of The Universe In One Sentence
All creation exists, by God's own decree, in order to proclaim the wisdom, power, and glory of a loving, all holy, morally perfect, covenant making Creator who justly punishes sin and graciously rewards righteousness by faith to all His creatures.

God Intends For Me To Personally Glorify and Enjoy Him
God, in graciously granting me life, intended for me to know Him personally, to love Him completely, and to serve Him joyfully by living a life that proclaims faith and trust in His character,  purposes, and ways.

God Specifically Intends For Me To Join Him In Loving and Caring for:

His Creation...
God intends for me to respect, care for, and preserve His created order (the earth) by whatever lawful and biblical means (both passive and active) available to me, so that future generations might also enjoy His "handiwork" and witness the natural revelation of His wisdom and power through the world which He has made.

His People...
God has prepared and gifted me to exercise my whole person (emotion, intellect, experience, education, etc.) in the work of causing my family, church, and all whom I come in contact with, to desire to know, love, and serve Him more intimately through the faithful teaching, application, and living out of His Special Revelation, the Bible.



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